The Taste

Cooking talent show on Sat.1

The Taste is a cooking show of the German TV broadcaster Sat.1 in which amateur and professional chefs competes against each other in duels. The special thing about it: every dish must be served on a single spoon. A jury then decides after a blind tasting who will progress to the next round.

The jury consists of four members, all of whom are successful chefs: Roland Trettl, Cornelia Poletto, Frank Rosin and Alexander Herrmann.

Approximately 5000 LED strips B by Schnick-Schnack-Systems provide an accentuated edge and area illumination of the studio – of course camera-compatible and good to dim. Power and data are supplied by 45 Long Distance Controllers.

Shortfacts The Taste


Edge and staircase backlighting



Bavaria Studios


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