The Voice of Germany

Talent show on ProSieben and Sat.1

“The Voice of Germany” is a German casting show, which is broadcast by the television channels ProSieben and Sat.1 since November 2011.

In four rounds the aspiring singers have to prove their singing talent to the audience and the jury, also called coaches. The beginning of each season are the Blind Auditions. In these, about 150 candidates sing live in front of the audience and the coaches.

The interesting thing about the Blind Auditions - the coaches (singer and songwriter Mark Forster, actress and singer Yvonne Catterfeld, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Samu Haber and Smudo and Michi Beck of the “Fantastischen Vier”) decide by their own ears who will go one round further and who is not. There the coaches sit with their backs to the candidates, so they only hear their voices. If only one coach turns around, the candidate is automatically in his team. If several coaches vote for a candidate, the candidate will decide for himself in which team he wants.

At the end of the Blind Auditions each coach has a group of 16 participants, who compete against each other in Battles.

In the studio a total of 3000 LED strips B by Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed (stairs: 400, logo: 450, cluster: 500, borders: 1650). The power and data supply takes place by 30 Long Distance Controller.

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Edge and staircase backlighting





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