Typisch Frau, Typisch Mann

Game show

Typisch Mann, Typisch Frau is a game show, hosted from 2005 to 2006 by Günther Jauch and produced by the channel RTL, in which prominent guests and the studio audience are faced with games and questions dealing with the topic of the gender roles of men and women.

On January 21, 2011 RTL broadcast a new edition with Dieter Nuhr. A week later than planned, but the programme was a great success with more than 2.8 million viewers.

Here, too, Schnick-Schnack-Systems played a part in the stage installations: the stage walls were magically transformed into a sensational display of colours with approximately 1500 LED-Tiles C50, controlled via the System Power Supply 4E and two Pixel-Gates.

Shortfacts Typisch Frau, Typisch Mann


Backlighting stage walls


Installation and planning

PRG Hamburg