Wer wird Millionär

Quiz show on RTL

“Wer wird Millionär“ is the German edition of the British quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Since the 03.09.1999 the German television station RTL broadcast the popular quiz show hosted by Günther Jauch.

In the show, five candidates get the chance to win one million euros. The candidate who is determined by a small quiz had to choose the right answer out of 15 questions with four predefined answering options. If he succeeds, the next question follows. If the answer is wrong, the game is over. The difficulty level increases with the winning amount. The only allowed support of the candidates are the telephone, audience, 50:50 and the additional joker.

An accentuated edge lighting of the studio was provided by LED strips of series B from Schnick-Schnack-Systems – of course camera-compatible and good to dim. The power and data is supplied by Long Distance Controller.

Shortfacts Wer wird Millionär


Stairway backlight of the studio



Schiffer+Farber Dekorationsbau GmbH


MG RTL D / Gregorowius