Quality and speed


Schnick-Schnack-Systems focuses on long-term development which is why we are always able to offer the ideal answer to your problems. It doesn’t matter if the required products already exist or whether you need a bespoke solution. We can design series products tailored specifically to your requirements in only a few days using proven components, state-of-the-art engineering software, our own light laboratory and a full-compliance EMC laboratory.

For example, we could create an LED circuit board to your specifications that meets with your architecture and lighting requirements.


Thanks to our efficient systems, you can take advantage of our industrial production without sacrificing flexibility. This is because we plan as often as twice a day, a frequency that gives us many more options than our competitors.

Because of this we can always turn around a project at very short notice. We can process as many as 37.000 components per hour and have a production capacity that can handle tens of thousands of LED modules. Our production department consistently offers you the reliability of a system geared to meeting industrial quality standards. 

We also have our own fully-automated high-speed placement machines and perform fully-automatic functional and stress tests.

We organise our operating data using a high-capacity ERP system. As a result you will always receive reliable information regarding production and delivery status. And we always deliver on time.