Generation 3

Schnick-Schnack-Systems has responded to the demands of customers, lighting designers and lighting artists with the development of Generation 3. The result: an LED system with even better performance, increased speed and efficiency and more flexibility than ever before thanks to help from new technologies like Dynamic-Pixel-Bus, System-wide Sync, Easy Feedback, Smart Link or 60fps compatibility. With the new 3.0 firmware, these new technologies have now become a fixed component of our system - available as an upgrade for existing customers. What’s more, they are now also compatible with all systems from Schnick-Schnack-Systems as well as third-party protocols.


What’s new?

Pixel-Gate, System Power Supply 4E and the C-Series MK2 and M LED-units all belong to the new firmware. Here are the highlights:

Pixel-Gate: better resolution, better performance

The Pixel-Gate appears with new programming. It now supports DVI and full HD input signals and is able to display up to one million Pixels. The LEDS can now be synchronized clearly visible increase in performance compared to Artnet/DMX systems.

System Power Supply 4E: no more channel limits

For the first time, the System Power Supply now has a real-time operating system. Effective immediately, it supports our Dynamic Pixel Bus and can communicate faster with any compatible LED components – without the 512-channel limit – synchronized and bi-directional. In addition to the DMX, it also already supports the sACN Protocol that is expected to replace Artnet in the future. And thanks to an integrated 5.O web server it can be completely controlled remotely.

LED units

Our MK2 LED hardware shows what it’s made of after the Generation 3 update. It is fully compatible with new Dynamic-Pixel-Bus and significantly more LED components can now be run on one power supply. All LED components now provide feedback making error search easier and set-up time shorter. Even remote diagnosis is possible thanks to high performance 32 bit processors, HD-ready 3x16 bit LED drivers and power supply protected bi-directional interfaces.