Saturday, 11/23/2019: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Room: N261
Session Number: C47


Controlling DMX-fixtures and LED means picking out of hundred solutions.

In this session people will learn about the difference between hardware and software pixel mapping and also how to control DMX and LED with video.

The Pixel-Gate is a hardware solution which converts a Video-Signal into DMX (Art-Net) or SACN.

Combined with media servers of different manufacturers, as well as on its own, it offers a huge field of easy applications: planning applications to control LED or DMX with video; planning LED-installations including control; patching the Pixel-Gate; pixel mapping devices; strategies how to plan the control of LED or DMX with video in stage applications; how to configure and patch pixels

Join this session during LDI 2019 and improve your knowledge and skills! We are happy to meet you there.

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