LED-Tiles L

Monochrome, group-controlled

More than 4,000 combination possibilities in premium lighting quality.

With the new LED Tiles L20 and L33 MK3, Schnick-Schnack-Systems presents the latest evolutionary stage of the colour white. Only the best LEDs, arranged by 3Step MacAdam and with an excellent colour rendering of Ra> 90, for excellent white light. Thanks to the higher efficiency of the LEDs and the fixed, low current power, our LED modules have a much longer service life.

Discover white in a previously unimagined variety: 16 white tones, five of them with alternative spectrums, for example for lighting food, that offer a wide selection for every object, every environment and every lighting application. All this in groups or individually controllable. Even the beam angles can be modified with the help of attachable lenses.

  • Two Pixel distances: 22mm and 33mm
  • Two different sizes per Pitch
  • 24V direct voltage input
  • Dimmable with Schnick-Schnack-Systems Intelligence
  • Custom arrangement with lenses
  • Usual delivery time 10 working days


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