LED-Tiles L

Monochrome, group-controlled

The LED tiles from production series L are the ideal light source for all large-area applications where a consistent light colour is required. They are predominantly used in architecture to create accents in walls, floors, counters or as decorative elements in the backlighting of light boxes, stretch ceilings or scrolling texts.

Series L is available in eight different shades of white and in red, green, blue and amber. The large LED tiles from series L can be easily split by hand into four smaller ones and can be equipped with additional connectors, thus enabling you to flexibly react to the installation situation directly on site. The small LED tiles can, however, also be ordered individually under their own item number.

The distance between the individual LEDs is dimensioned in a way that results in homogenous illumination. Thanks to the Lehmann-Modulation, stageless brightness control is also possible in thelower intensity range, as is (flicker-free) dimming that is suitable for cameras.

The LED tiles L are activated via the Long Distance Controller, the Sys One or System Power Supplies 4 and 4E with a Big Intelli XLR. In terms of small installations, the LED tiles can also be activated via a corresponding power supply and – if dimmability is desired – with a Big Intelli Monochrome.


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