Financial Life Park

Learning Trail of Erste Bank, Vienna

The Financial Life Park - FLiP for short - is a free and independent place of experience of Erste Group Bank AG, which teaches the handling of money in a playful way.

Located at the Erste Campus in Vienna, the FLiP aims to arouse interest in economic and financial relationships of children, young people and adults. The focus is on financial knowledge in an economic, social and global context.

The program is based on the age of the visitors and was developed especially for the three age groups 10 to 14 years, 15 to 17 years and 18 years and older. Mediators accompany the groups through the FLiP, provide background information and explain the stations. The aim is to gradually broaden the horizon of each person during the visit so that they finally reach a networked, global view.

The exhibition covers around 1,500m² - spread over three floors - with interactive exhibition areas, theme stations, a library and a seminar and workshop room.

A visual highlight of the exhibition are the colourful "dots" that run through the entire corporate identity and represent the knowledge that is assembled from several elements to form a whole. The colourful dots are supported by video controllable light points in the walls.

Altogether approx. 1600 video-controllable, freely arranged RGB LED dots from Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed in the walls, controlled by 113 Intelligences C20 and three System Power Supplies 4E.

Shortfacts FLiP


video controllable LED dots in the walls of the exhibition


Concept, exhibition design, media technology planning

jangled nerves gmbH

Media engineering

PKE, Expotec


Lupi Spuma, Andreas Keller