Organ illumination

Renovation of the organ in Christi Verklärung in Cologne-Heimersdorf

In 2009, the cleaning and renovation of the Organ at the transfiguration of the saviour church in Cologne-Heimersdorf began under the motto "A new sound, a new glory".

The electrical system and control unit of the instrument were renovated, the organ was extended by two rows of pipes and artistically staged using our LED technology.

Our LED-Strips B25-125-I, LED-Strips B25-250-I, LED-Strips B25-250-S and LED-Strips L25-500-S MK 2 in 2700K were used for the lighting. The installations are controlled using our Big Intelli Monochrome and the System Power Supply 4E.

Shortfacts Organ illumination


colored lighting of the pipe rows


Idea and implementation

Mathias Flachskamp, FlaxxLite Veranstaltungstechnik