LED-Strips B - discontinued (nrnd)

RGB, group-controlled

The LED strips of product series B are the ideal light source for all applications where areas, edges or decorative elements are to be illuminated with different colours from a short distance. They are used amongst other things for setting coloured accents, in coves or on walls, for the backlighting of stairs, accentuation of edges or for the lateral light infeed into large acrylic glass surfaces.

Thanks to their practical dimensions, the LED strips can follow almost any curves and any bend. The three primary colours are already mixed in the light emitting diodes so coloured shadows are avoided. Active current regulators on the board can balance out voltage differences that arise from to varying cable lengths. All LEDs on the board are controlled together. Due to the arrangement of the LEDs there is no colour shift in the horizontal viewing angle when mounted vertically.

The B Series LED strips are controlled with the Long Distance Controller, the Sys One or the System Power Supply 4 or 4E with Intelligence - or for smaller installations also via an appropriate power supply and a Big Intelli RGB.


This product is CE certified and UL accredited.


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