Germany's first digital company logo at the corporate headquarters in Dusseldorf

It is the first digital company logo in Germany. During the day the Vodafone logo is normally visible – in the evening the construction can transform into a giant LED screen. Apart from the actual logo for example animations, movies or writing can be shown on the two 38m² space. The construction in a height of 60m can be moved apart to clean the facade behind. The 3.5 cm thin LED screen lets pass enough daylight to work behind relaxing in the newly designed conference rooms.

For the installation 29 different profile lengths between 2m and 40cm have been used. Overall in the two surfaces more than 1.000 LED-Profiles and LED-Circuit boards are installed.

The activation of the installation is done via Pixel-Gate Plus and Dynamic-Pixel-Bus. When setting up the logo the Patch-Test-Function of the software PixelPatch was used. It simplified via Wi-Fi the test from the ground.

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Media facade


Development and Construction

Schreib + Keppler