Interactive room installation at Mendelssohn House, Leipzig

Just in time for the 205th birthday of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the museum was reopened in the last home of the composer on February 3, 2014. The museum is dedicated to the life and work of the musician and composer who has lived and worked a long time in Leipzig.

The museum offers several areas that give visitors the opportunity to interact with the work of Mendelssohn. A highlight is the interactive installation "Effektorium".

Using a baton and the Leap Motion technology and a touch screen, visitors can "conduct" a digital orchestra. The Leap Motion controller detects the movements of the visitor and transfers it to the playback of music. The "conductor" may for example adjust the volume for individual orchestral or choral groups. In addition, the lighting atmosphere can be influenced by the "conductor". The LED lighting changed, depending on the action, its color and intensity.

The 13 columns of the Effektorium were equipped with 12 LED tiles in 6500K of the series M. The 156 tiles with a pixel pitch of 6mm are driven via a Pixel-Gate Plus and can be played with different videos – suitably be for each title. The power is supplied via our System Power Supply 4E.

Shortfacts Effektorium


monochrome, video-controlled steles


Media technology / installation

235 Media


WHITEvoid GmbH

Exhibition Design / Interior design

Bertron Schwarz Frey


Mendelssohn House Leipzig
Photographer: Christian Kern