Luminale 2014

Light art project "Lichtklang"

For the lighting festival "Luminale" which was held in Frankfurt from 30 March to 4 April, a special project was initiated on behalf of "VOSS + FISCHER", that stands out not by size, but by its young protagonists. Together with numerous of sponsors, including the exhibition booth construction company Artlife and Neumann & Müller Veranstaltungstechnik Frankfurt the project "Lichtklang" was born.

Sixty light boxes were fitted into the spaces in the schoolyard railing of the Helmholtz school in Frankfurt and played with music of the school's Big Band and the laptop orchestra. The colors and light change of the installation react to the sounds, rhythms and themes of the songs. So melodies are visualized and the sounds captured of the instruments of the railing.

Each light box was equipped with 2 LED-Strips C25-250 MK2.

The project "Lichtklang" on

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video controllable light boxes


Planning and realization