LED-Strips C

RGB, video-controlled

The LED-Strips of product series C are the ideal light source for all applications where edges, areas or decorative elements are to be enlivened by video effects. They bring colour and movement to any architectonic edge and enable the most flexible display shapes.

Due to their practical dimensions, the series C LED-Strips can be adapted to almost any lighting situation. Each LED can be individually color calibrated and colours that are critical for RGB Systems, like white and pastel shades, can be controlled more precisely. The colour eff­ect of the LED Strips is more natural and, unlike with the group controlled RGB systems, shading and colour variation are possible within a line. The currents through the LEDs are actively controlled on the board, so that colour variations caused by different line lengths are not possible. Thanks to our Smart Link Technology elaborate addressing of the Strips is no longer necessary. 

The LED-Strips of Series C belongs to the Generation 3 and in addition to DMX can also read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus Protocol (DPB). By using the DBP, more LED-Strips per output of a system power supply are available (up to 3,072 channels). A variable transmission rate enables the best, customized balance of channel count, frame and error rate. The system speed can easily reach the 60fps update rate and switching between DMX and DPB is possible at all times.

The Strips firmware can be updated from a central point via the network, which also means that future standards or developments can be supported. Each Strip sends status information such as temperature, data error rate, input voltage or LED defects back to the control system so a problem-free remote diagnosis can be made at any time.

The LED-Strips can be pixel-precisely controlled via the Ethernet interface of the System Power Supply 4E with lighting consoles, media servers or with our video converter "Pixel-Gate".


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