Cat Ballou

Tour 2017

Cat Ballou is currently the most populous band in their hometown Cologne. The four musicians Oliver Niesen, Dominik Schönenborn, Kevin Wittwer and Michael Kraus made in 2012 their big breakthrough with the Cologne anthem "Et jit kee Wood". The band has succeeded in bringing the young generation's life closer to the people in their incomparable way.

In the meantime, Cat Ballou is one of the most popular Cologne dialect music group in Germany, and plays in the Cologne carnival, with its own concerts and many other events far more than 350 stages a year.

2017 Cat Ballou is back on tour in Germany. The tour plan includes among others Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Münster and Munich, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Essen and Luxembourg.

The tour stage is dominated by eight video-controllable rectangles. A total of 140 LED strips C25-250 MK2.6 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed in the rectangles. The strips were supplied with power and data via a System Power Supply 4E.

See our LED stripes in action with Cat Ballou:


Shortfacts Cat Ballou


Edge lighting stage elements