IAA 2017

Stand of Audi

From 14 to 24 September, the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) opened its doors in Frankfurt/Main and showed visitors from around the world the latest trends on the topics of automotive and mobility. The biennial trade show is one of the largest and internationally most important automobile trade fairs in the world, in addition to the Parisian Autosalon, the Detroit Auto Show and the Geneva Motor Show.

In 2017 the IAA was dominated by electric cars. With the motto "Seeing the future", almost all major manufacturers showed new car models and studies on the trends of networked and automated driving, electric mobility and urban mobility concepts of tomorrow.

Audi, the ingolstadt-based premium manufacturer, illustrated in Frankfurt, among others, with the study Aicon how a luxury limousine could look like in 2030. The Aicon drives autonomously and thus offers its occupants completely new freedoms: no more concentration on road traffic. The passengers can design their own time in a different way. For this, the Conceptcar combines many new features in the area of connectivity, communication and operation that make travel extremely comfortable.

The Aicon was presented on an impressive stage. Here, more than 3100 LED tiles M12 and LED strips M12-500 – specially developed for the exhibition stand – by Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed and implemented multimedially. The power and data supply of the LED components took place via 70 system power supplies 4E.


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videobespielbare LED-Wand mit monochromen LED-Kacheln



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