Take Me Out

Dating show on RTL

Take Me Out is a dating show which is broadcast since January 2013 on the German television station RTL. Moderated is the show by comedian Ralf Schmitz. The concept of Take Me Out is based on the Australian program Taken Out.

During the show, three men are introduced and each tries to convince 30 single women in three rounds. The women decide within the three rounds whether they like the man or not. If not the woman presses on a buzzer and is therefore no longer available for a date. After the three rounds the spit turns and the man pushes so many buzzers until only two women are in the race. After the two women have answered a question asked by him, the man decides with which girl he wants to go on a champagne date. If all women have press on the buzzer before the end of the last round, the man has to say goodbye without a date.

An accentuated edge lighting of the studio was provided by LED strips B from Schnick-Schnack-Systems – of course camera-compatible and well dimmable.

Shortfacts Take Me Out


Edge and area illumination of the studio



Schiffer+Farber Dekorationsbau GmbH


MG RTL D / Hempel