M-Dot MK2 and Intelligence M60

Monochrome, video-controlled

M-Dots MK2 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems enable you to go beyond rectangular forms and offer greater design leeway for walls, ceilings, floors and elsewhere. Together with the Intelligence M60 (a DMX converter and dimmer for individual light diodes) more creative illumination of circles, company logos, curved lines or the classic starry night sky can be achieved.

The M-Dot MK2 is available with a colour temperature of 3200K and 6500K and a beam angle of 145°. Ten M-Dots are fastened to a one-meter long flat ribbon cable.

The Intelligence M60, which is required to control to the Dots, belongs to the Generation 3. In addition to DMX, it can also read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus (DPB) protocol. Switching between DMX and DPB is possible without any disruption. By using the DPB more Intelligences, and therefore more dots per output of a system power supply, are possible – up to 3, 072 channels. A variable transmission rate enables the best, customized balance of channel count, frame and error rate. When video signals are used, a system wide synchronization prevents any image distortion and the system speed can therefore easily reach the 60fps update rate. Thanks to our Smart Link Technology, elaborate addressing of the individual dots is eliminated.

Installation set-up is easy: Holes have already been bored at the appropriate points in the subsurface so the LEDs can be pushed through from the back.

Power is drawn from the System Power Supply 4E or the Sys One – or via an appropriate power supply for smaller installations. Pixel-accurate control of the M-Dots can be achieved with lighting boards, media servers or with our Pixel-Gate videoconverter via the Ethernet interface of the System Power Supply 4E.

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